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Sony BDZ-EX200

Released November, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Multi-function DVR / Blu-ray player. Dual digital tuners. 2TB of disk storage.

The Cons:Expected to be very expensive. DVR will be rendered useless due to copyright protection 'do not record' flags. Might never be released in North America.

The Sony BDZ-EX200 is an unreleased Blu-ray Disc DVR announced in Japan on August 26th, 2009. As a high end Blu-ray DVR, the Sony BDZ-EX200 includes two digital tuners, 2TB of hard drive storage and support for portable media players.

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Owners can use the DVR to convert an hour of video for their PlayStation Portables (PSP) or X-1000 series portable media players in approximately 2 minutes. Users can also record digital content to the hard disk or a recordable Blu-ray Disc. Improvements over previous models include a new CREAS 2 engine for improved video playback quality and upscaling support, plus a new Dynamic VBR mode for better video recording. As with the mid to high end Blu-ray DVRs also announced at the same time by Sony, this particular model features DLNA support for sharing media content over a home network. The Sony BDZ-EX200 does not currently have a MSRP, but should be released sometime in November.


  • Dual digital tuner
  • Blu-ray Disc recorder
  • Blu-ray Disc playback
  • PSP and X-1000 series portable media player connectivity
  • DLNA support
  • 2TB hard drive storage
  • CREAS 2 playback/upscaling engine
  • Dynamic VBR recording mode
  • Fluorescent front display
  • Remote control

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  • 2

    multi-function DVR / Blu-ray player

  • 1

    dual digital tuners

  • 1

    2TB of disk storage

  • 1

    can transcode recorded media for use on compatible Sony PMPs

  • 1

    dual HDMI outputs

  • 1

    dual TV tuners

  • 1

    expected to be very expensive

  • 1

    DVR will be rendered useless due to copyright protection 'do not record' flags

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    might never be released in North America

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